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I am a music producer despite severe negative symptoms


That were once fully treated with seroquel 100 mg for 2 months , and with minocycline 50 mg (wow rock on)

I made some music for you guys to listen to if you want, those with no negative symptoms, enjoy and let me know what could be better. I’ve put all my music on soundcloud but looking to create a video on youtube i have channel too…


I love it! Keep up the good work


Its my dream to become a music producer how did you come about it?


try to use this software Magix music maker

you can download a trial from http://www.magix.com you need loops or make your own loops with fruity loops


thanks @SaintSeiya


Thank you!! It is definitley one of my biggest dreams and Ill check it out


nice work (15 characters)


btw that foto was taken when i felt better from sarcosine from brainvitaminz, unfortunatelly i got vibrations in my p enis. that i still have sometimes but not all the time

I wanna try ProFrontal going to save money for it, i never tried NAC. Time is running out for me with my paranoid taughts when listening to my music in public and all that kind of ■■■■ that’s witholding everyone diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia to enjoy a more normal life.


This is really impressive! Good work :blush:


We will all find the light I feel it in my bones twenty four seven that one day ill be “normal” Paranoia is the worst I have aot of it too and negative symptoms. Im gonna try lots of b-vitamins supposedly they help


Very, very good. I’m also a music producer. I commend you.


Nice mix…


Listened to the whole thing,

I liked it a lot.

It had a very, otherworldly feel to it.

Odd thing to observe, but I liked it, and with music in the slump it is recently,

Sounding a little alien is definitely a positive.


way to go @jeroenp .
I write in the forum, play chess and maintain a very good level of fitness,
despite a severe illness.
I would like to move abroad, but as my level of functioning is very low I’ll probably have to stay in Israel.


wow that is a really good tune! u are very talented my friend
i am an emcee too despite having shcizoprhenia i have managed to play open mics and write and record songs check my live performance out maybe we could work together


i see myself as a music producer too, despite severe symptoms at the moment.

this is some of my work.


nice work willyg i like it : )


been listening to Willy G’s soundcloud, i’ve been to Ireland before btw, nice country

Those are premium songs, this is eminem this is as good as Easy G!


I produce my own music, as well.


I produce aswell :slight_smile: …here’s a techno track i composed about a month ago