I am a little bit of idiot also

ok, i was first of my class but i prefered longtime my friends before family… they probablu used me, i developped complexe of inferiority because of it… i still cant deal good in life while some of my sz friends think a lot better… my dad was like this i think. some people who knew him was telling that he doesnt look for his interests… once not while ago a seller of my cigarettes even cheated me with money, i think that i saw that but i didnt say anything. its still hard for me to think about money… i still have the impression that other schizos think a lot better than me,they re probably overstressed while me i sit alone at home without demanding a lot from others? but for me,like for them,we are learning to cope better probably. i had in one hand the naivety of the russians and the laziness(my father) of the bulgarians… wow,its tough still… but i dont stop my meds thats right even if i am really low functionning,is that right?
take care

I don’t understand your question. You shouldn’t stop your meds. I thought you were giving them time to work.

i was asking essentially if somebody was feeling the same way as me?.. someone who was privileging his friends before his family… someone who was the idiot of the company because of his illness. people used me because of my illness i think but i try not to focus on this because i dont wanna feel hate and anger anymore…
yeah,i wont stop my meds but i am scared where they will drive me in a month. i couldnt bear the most of the aps(it would be akathisia or dumbness on them)…

Top of your class eh?

What was your favorite subject @Anna1

It’s easy for people to take advantage of us because we tend to live in an atmosphere of self hating. What helps me is to make sure I don’t take advantage of other szs or other people who I know how to get them down.

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yeah,i am trying to that too also… i was feeling hate and envy for my sz friends…
soitgoes,i liked chemistry but it was hard for me. i was good in literauture and languages :slight_smile:

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You’re lucky to have sz friends… the only friends I khave with the illness are on here… real life people don’t seem to care at all outside my family members… and I mean my immediate family members… siblings and parents