I am a good person but not an angel

I am an a good person but not an angel, I will not take voices not too seriously, and hopefully I will try to heal myself, I pray no one will put images in my mind, no one reading my thoughts, and I won’t die, and have privacy and things will not get worse,

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Good frame.

But once you’re well, it won’t matter what you call yourself, you’ll be sane. People won’t get on your back for having impure thoughts or whatever your inner narrative is.

Thanks @naturallycured. I hope to be sane. That would be wonderful if people don’t get on my back for having intrusive thoughts it would really help a lot. I want to give a stirring speech someday how I survived OCD intrusive thoughts and feeling persecuted and judged. I hope I will be cured someday.

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Keto might be the thing.

I recommend the Dr. Wahls approach, that was good for healing the doctor’s multiple sclerosis. It’s a good brain-centric diet.


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Mine’s gotten better over time. You come to realize the voices are just static. They sound intelligent but they really aren’t, it’s just noise. There’s not really any person inserting images or thoughts, it’s just that the brain thinks up things you wouldn’t normally think about if you didn’t have schizophrenia. That’s what I consider intrusive thoughts. Like if you see a friend and you think something inappropriate or see a violent image, that’s just the brain malfunctioning.

I think the first step is learning to act sane while keeping your inner dialogue separate from others. If you need to talk about it, you can always talk to people on the forum, your psychiatrist, or maybe a member of your support network, but only if they are designated as someone to lean on. To most people you have to try to come of as normal if you can. You basically go from having abnormal thoughts and acting abnormal to having abnormal thoughts and acting normal and finally, hopefully, to acting normally and having mostly normal thoughts. Medicine and time seems to help.

I hope things get better for you soon.


What do your voices say?

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