I am a dork

my partner and her parents call me a dork all the time. I hate it. sometimes I feel like they just want me to feel bad about being myself. this morning after watching a movie on HBO. a kid show came on and my father in law made a joke about me saying I wanted to watch it.

I didn’t I may watch kid movies like santa claus is coming to town every Christmas but that doesn’t mean i’m inferior to him.

My husband and I both still watch all the children’s Christmas programs. The original cartoon Grinch is my favorite. You father in law has proven once again that he’s a cheerless ass…

he won’t even let his wife watch Christmas movies, I told her there was a bunch of Christmas movies on Netflix and she didn’t want to watch them because my father in law would make her turn in as soon as he got back.

he got mad when kay and I let her little sister open a present early. it was a star wars star destroyer blu tooth speaker.

Wow! You give good gifts! :blush:
Well, I’m sorry, but that household is incredibly disfunctional. Everyone seems to be allowing the bully to win.
If you all kept on doing your more positive activities, maybe it could lighten things up?
You deserve a happy Christmas season, @cbbrown! Just have it! Watch what you want, do what you want and wish Scrooge a very Merry Christmas!

People don’t understand schizophrenia. I think you should be proud to be a schizophrenic. Speaking for myself, schizophrenia has opened up a whole new world for me. I haven’t been psychotic in twenty years, but I’m still schizophrenic. I think there’s a schizophrenic culture that is present among recovered patients. We should be proud of our culture. Many of the figures in mythology and religion have a schizophrenic disposition.

These in-laws are very bad people. I’d hate to see them poison you’re spirit and well being forever.

My parents tease me all the time for being a dork. I don’t care :stuck_out_tongue: I like anime and videogames and I am not ashamed @.@

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I had people in my youth who treated me a bad as your in-laws. Well, you probably have it worse.
I’m still getting over the scars to my psyche and self-esteem. I went over my sisters house last week. I had gotten it in my head that my sisters felt about me the same way the bullies thought of me. I told them that I heard that I was “nothing” all through high school and I believed it myself to this day. Well my sisters were shocked, they told me that I am a good, nice person who they respect and they think other good things about me. It is my choice to believe what the insecure bullies told me in my youth or it is my choice to believe the people who have known me for my whole life for 55 years who I trust more than anyone else in the world.

I pick my sisters. I think you understand why I wrote this.

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To say “I feel like a dork” is OK but calling someone else a dork is not OK. Has 2 different meanings.

I’m having a dorky dorky day myself. :smirk:

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I would take the word dork pretty lightly, my wife always calls me a dork, when I do something silly. She means it all in fun. I think that word is meant to take lightly.

Today I was listening to Christmas carols by Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra. Does this qualify me for the dork club?

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But in this case, it is not meant in fun at all. It is meant to be disrespectful and mean, by mean people who are out hurt her callously for their own pleasure. They do it because they can get away with it.

That’s makes me sad to hear that. I hope it changes.

Sometimes they are nice, but I don’t know what to do. I try to be nice back, but there seems to be almost always something wrong. Kay had the idea to have me apply for a credit card to help with Christmas she said she will pay it. But her mom is totally taking advantage of us.

I guess in some ways everyone is a dork. However, we are all unique personalities and we’re all equal. A schizophrenic might have a special set of experiences and certain neuroses, as we all do, but that’s just being human. I’m a very neurotic person, and tend to be reclusive, yet I feel I should be accepted with my faults. However, some people are judgemental.

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For some reason I always thought a dork was technically a whale ■■■■■. Looked this up online and apparently it is a common misconception. Dork just means dork in general.