I am a burden on my parents

Maybe I should do them a favour and move away

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You live with them?

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No but we just got into an argument and they made clear I am a burden to them


Sometimes I think I should have quit arguing with my mom and gone out and found a suitable job. I did work delivering pizza when I lived with them. It wasn’t bad.

I live with my parents and I am big burden to them but I have no choice. Its for my best.

I have been a burden too the times I have been ill and not been in shape to help out with much. My parents haven’t complained though. But I know when it was at its worst it was rough on them.

Fixed it for you.

Also saying this as a parent myself.


I just gave my adult kid shiz for leaving a trail of dishes through the house – I’m not room service.

Doesn’t mean she’s not loved.



under emotions people say things they don’t mean. i am sure your parents dont think of you as a burden. i had many discussions with my parents, so many, they said hurting things, i said hurting things, it all blows away like the wind. there is love between parents and their children, unconditional love. it is just emotions. i dont do emotions unless i am in a depressed state. i moved away and now we have a lovely relationship.

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