I am a bad man

Mate. I think it’s cool you can fly. You should be proud for your skills and service but do the right things to get by…

Very cool that you can even do it…much respect. Just do the right thing by those that matter.

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Drones are unmanned.

That air ambulance company wants to interview me. I am not going to respond to their email. They sent me a link to set up a time.

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I always thought this co-pilot was prodromal.


I don’t have a death wish especially not for other people. I really wish I could land the job.

My meds work for me but yes that guy probably was. Certainly something wrong with him.

That pilot had depression.

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Article says he was treated for suicidal tendencies.

He also saw like 3 or 4 optometrists with 12 months because he thought he was going blind.

Def. some stage of psychosis there to take 150 people with you IMO.

The FAA will actually let pilots fly with depression now. Four antidepressants are approved for use by the FAA for mild depression.

The one I take isn’t one of them. I used to just take Zoloft though when I first got sick but this rule wasn’t in effect then. Zoloft did nothing for me.

i too do that for getting work as soon i dont feel well i quit the job no big deal

That air ambulance company texted me today and sent me a link to fill out a more detailed application. I wish I could do it. They are offering a $12,500 signing bonus.

Would just have to lie and say I don’t take meds and aren’t sick. It’s only a $250,000 fine and up to 5 years in jail or both if you get caught.

■■■■, thats serious man :frowning: dont mess with that lol,

drones may be where its at idk

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I wouldn’t really consider doing it.

Going flying tomorrow. One step closer to my drone license.

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