I am a bad man

I applied for a flying job today. Said I wasn’t disabled and could get a medical. All lies.

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What would make you do that?

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It’s always fun to know where you could be in the job market if you weren’t ill.


Was it just to see if you’d get the job if you didn’t have sz?

i can understand with all the foolish ideas regarding it, its like as soon as you say the word your instantly put in a box by others. I don’t say “i have sz” anymore.

I’m the bad guy …

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Just go with it. Fake it til you make it! :metal:t2: Unless you want to come clean. Who knows they may cut you a break.

I sure hope you’re not planning on actually taking the job. You could be arrested for reckless endangerment if you’re caught flying.


Wait! You’re thinking of flying a plane? Yeah, that’s a very bad idea.

I just wanted to see if I could get a call back. I have been out of the industry for 11 years now. They probably won’t call.


That’s not a bad thing. It’s okay to be curious. You can just say you accepted another offer when they call back.


I started flying again. I probably shouldn’t have. I have been twice in the last two weeks and go again next Saturday. My aim is to get a biannual flight review which means you are safe to go flying alone and carry passengers.

I have no intent on doing that though. Every time I fly I will be with an instructor. I want to get current again so I can get signed off for my drone license. Saturday I plan on asking my instructor how many more lessons I need to get the check ride. I probably just should have studied for the test. It would have been a lot cheaper. But if you are a current manned pilot the FAA will give you your drone license without the test. You just have to take an online course.

I am going to try and get a job flying drones next year. You don’t need a medical for that and it can’t be that hard I don’t think.

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i hear you,

not quite the same but i’ve been thinking about applying for a local cleaning job but idk if i could do it and i feel like a hypocrite after giving up the last cleaning job, i keep thinking the hours are better though even though i’d need to be there for 6:30 am

is that just for recreational purposes or reconnaissance? lol

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I don’t really know what drone pilots do but I imagine it’s taking video so you have to operate the camera and be able to use the software that goes with it I guess.

I have been talking to this guy in town via email for the last couple of years but I was always scared of going back to work so I never said yes. Now I have gone back to work but am struggling to keep my job so I told him I would do it. He said in 2020 he might have something so I will be doing it for money.

I have a drone in my garage I have never taken out of its box. Maybe I should fly it.

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for fun sounds cool, but surveillance idk, sounds like it could scare people maybe, it kind of fuels the whole ‘we are watching you’ delusion.:frowning:

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Yeah. We have a lot of chemical plants around here. I imagine that’s what it’s for. Nothing residential. He said I would be on the road a lot. I might not do it but I want the option.

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sounds like how you might do intel on enemy facilities or areas, could be a good tactic too to draw fire and cause distraction in certain circumstances, Are you trying to get back into the army?

I can think of ways in which it may help certain situations,

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I was in the Marine Corps. I am nearly 50 and did more than 20 years. I am on the permanently disabled retired list. No chance of me being called back but I would do it in a heartbeat if they asked me to.

I thought drones fly un-manned! I thought that’s the whole purpose of them.

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