I am a a master of breaking things down

I can take things and break them down into different bits of information and find what’s wrong with them. I just realized I’m a pro at this. I suppose I lack in the finding solutions department but I’m quickly finding out I can easily do that too.

Sometimes I break things down too much and it becomes just a criss-crossing, garbled mess of thoughts and things that are interwoven with right and wrong. So I think that’s the cause of my anxiety and word salad and probably my psychosis. So I did one thing one day, I sorted through a bunch of stuff and found the commonalities in them and wrote those down. So I had a bunch of thoughts funneled into common themes onto paper. And here is where I started to look for solutions.

Sometimes we disassociate our natural solution finding procedures from ourselves because of whatever reason. And someone comes along and helps us look at things in a better way and we go along our path to rediscover our inner problem-solver.