I always wondered if there is recovery from those kind of states of mind

Ive been reckless in a way for so long that ive always wondered if there is recovering from the schizophrenic states of mind… I just stay here without knowing or feeling what is normal. I always ask myself what is normal in my head… Ok, I have no sharp episodes but my illness is tough in other way… I think just some dumb things, I suffer physically and emotionally, I was close to the psychopathic behavior in the past even though that I wanted to change… But I just dont know what is normal anymore. Is there a possible recovery after a chronic ill state of mind?
I saw mi people who weren’t bothered of what they were saying. Me, I am afraid to say some inappropriate stuff so basically I am on the other side, always closed and even depressed…


No one here who never asked his normality to an obsessive worry? I often ask myself in my head what is to be normal. Ok, its a bit of a crazy stuff but I guess its what happens when you lose your mind for so long…

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Maybe, I dont feel normal cause I have problems thinking since years. I am not sure what kind of symptom is this. Cause I find you all persons who think, no matter how bad is your state. Me, I am not like this. Maybe the depression also is an obstacle for thinking. whats your opinion? More a schizophrenic or a depressive symptom is this?

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do you have depression too? what’s your diagnosis?

The last doc said that I probably have schizoaffective disorder, depressive type yes. But I wonder if this impossibility to think is due to the sz element or more the depressive side…

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I can relate to the being afraid to say something. I used to not be able to tell if I had said something out loud or thought it, and of course the things I was thinking were pretty unpleasant and weird. And I would forget what was being talked about between sentences.

Part of that was meds. I was on a med that was anticholinergic and I think that had a big negative impact on my thinking. But part of it was the obsessive thinking. I still have that, but it’s better with some tricks I learned in therapy when I get mentally stuck.

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I feel the same as you describe about the symptoms you are experiencing.

Yes,my diagnosis is also schizoaffective disorder