I always tryna figure people out

I don’t get it thou. I don’t get you guys either. I don’t get nobody.

I can’t wrap my head around people. Relationships dynamics and boring conversations.

It’s all meaningless. How boring someone should be to talk about a meaningless thing with another person, something trivial, like why would i care about detergent for example and what’s the best one to use or soap or something. Idk just saying

I mean why are people boring? That’s the issue.

And apparently I’m an odd ball cuz i have emotional ups and downs or something


Some people like small talk. Others like talking about everyday things. Others like deep conversations.

Everyone has different needs.


Yeah, I agree with @Jonathan2 's statement. Some people like small talk and others don’t. It’s just something to while away the time.


I like ivory soap. What is your favorite soap? :smirk:


i have none mate. I am going to make fries now

My Dad used to swear by Lava soap. Washing your hands with pumice. Masochist.

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