I always thought Reddit was a really active place

It seems I was wrong. There’s literally a very slow trickle of new threads and replies on the subreddits I’ve subscribed to.


I’ve never been on reddit

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It’s a funny place. The default position of theirs is to list posts by how many up votes they get rather than chronologically like most forums . There are options to sort by new/controversial/top and rising.

I go there on Reddit when i take voluntary break from this site :slight_smile: which is very rare

I met there and talked with @Om_Sadasiva

Really? When? 15151515

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When i was banned from here i dont remember, i’m formal_name there

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I was banned from wrongplanet. Reddit is okay.

I like this site the best.

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Why were you banned? I’m on wrong planet. I’m not exactly popular there but there’s no sign of being kicked off it.

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I really dont know or remember.

Boy is it slow there. Based on the subreddits I’m subscribed to this place gets more threads and replies in an hour or two than reddit gets in 6/7 days.

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