I always think of my SZA as the worst possible mental illness

…and then I read other people’s stories who are struggling much worse than myself. My illness is under control and I am so grateful for that. I don’t follow this particular YouTuber but I am still sad to hear that he took his own life.

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Mental illness is friggin evil.


I think all the mental illnesses are pretty bad. The high of bi-polar is good, but the depression is really bad. I think they have a very high rate of suicide. Borderline personality disorder is hard for everybody. I’ve heard it described as walking around with about three layers of skin removed. Plain old depression is really bad. The rate of suicide among schizophrenics in ten percent. That helps bring down the average life expectancy of us sz’s.

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Are you sure ?

I’m med-free for a good few months now; and while it is a great feeling, very very very very few people can normally function like this in society.

This is why we cling to our beds. It’s the only place where our minds stop racing.


God knows I am no authority on it. I’m just parroting someone who I took to be an authority on it. Even when people have the same dx, there is no cookie cutter uniformity to the progression of their mental disease. Whatever you believe about your own case is probably the truth.

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I don’t know what other mental illness are like but still I do feel it is the worst. Seeing as mine is accompanied with depression. Seeing as you can break away entirely from reality. It really is very very very scary stuff so reducing risk has to be taken seriously

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