I always get this


i always see my self hitting my self, mostly in the face, but have only on occasion actually done it.
also i always see my self cutting the left side of my face, not my eye though, just the left side , from the top to the bottom, four times , like i am marking my self ! i have cut my head up but it is like i am wanting to now cut my face up !
anyone else get this ?
take care


I used too see it in a form of dayjavue, where I get my self killed, chopped into pieces, burned up, fell on the back of my head, drowned, all kinds of death and torture. Oh it’s normal, nothing to worry about :wink:


it is nice i am not alone in these sz thoughts, thank you.
take care


I lost it after having this happen to me at work too much. I worked with power tools in manufacturing, and would start having visions of putting my own hand or fingers into the break press, as i was bending metal, or visions of sawing my own hands off with the circular saw. got to be too much,


yeah when i am on tall buildings i always thought i was afraid of heights but i realized that i just want to jump, it is a no fear thing.
take care


i used to c myself jumping out of moving cars, then it was deliberately slamming my fingers in doors. weird!


the voices used to tell me that they would drown me. I also had visions of seppuku, japanese samurai ritual suicide, usually assisted with decapitation.


I’ve seen myself cutting my left upper arm. Like I wanted a scar or like u said, a mark. I used to drink a lot too much in fact I’m sober now but I stabbed myself in the scalp with a fork and punched my head a lot. Luckily now I’m just seeing, not doing. And when I’d have episodes I’d sit near a wall rocking and hit my head over and over against the wall


thanks everyone for your responses it has helped me to understand my own thoughts more , and everyone else’s. it is nice not to feel alone .
take care


I have had many self mutilating thoughts. The first hospitalization of this year I cut myself up pretty good but didn’t remember doing it. Both my arms are scarred up from wrist to top from cutting since I was 12 Years old. I’m now 22 and don’t do it anymore. Although the voices and me haven’t forgotten the feelings I got from it. It’s very distracting and scary. Your not alone hun.


thanks for the reply , i am sorry you have had to go through that , but i am glad you have managed to stop doing it .
take care


Sounds like a scifi movie… "aliens hijack humans and the only way you know if a human is a alien is by the cut on the sides of their faces.


yeah i know and now i am seeing this nine foot , mute thing which kinda looks alien…ish.
it was a white colour and now has turned a grey…ish colour . it is never boring !
take care


sometimes i get a numbing all over dark black depression its so horrible and painful ill cut my thigh with a knife it helps at the time.


i know how you feel, i would have cut my face already but my wife talks me out of it and makes me see sense.
take care


I burned myself with cigarettes when I entered psychosis. I felt like I needed to, I’m not sure exactly why.


maybe you were trying to wake your self up from the psychosis with a different kind of pain.
some one dropped a burning cigarette on my leg once i just left it there, the person who dropped it looked at me like i was off the planet, i wasn’t off the planet just in another star system !
take care