I always feel like they’re watching me

And making judgments on my food and exercise diary and my housecleaning and my participation in this website.

I feel like they’re talking about me all the time and watching me. There’s even a report on me that high ups in government and military can read about me and they’re false. They’re wrong. They think I’m a sexual deviant and I’m not. I don’t watch porn and I love and remains faithful to my husband. I just wish it would all stop.

I recently increased my Haldol (2 weeks ago). I’ve tried so many meds it’s ridiculous. And no meds change this situation for me. I

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I’m sorry you’re going through paranoia, especially the “surveillance” or “their watching me” kind.

Best thing to do is relax and understand that without a warrant, or probable cause, the law enforcement won’t be watching you.

If you live in the USA, the Patriot Act might allow the military to watch you because of “terror related crimes”, but the courts are still involved in that.


Yeah, I’m in the US. But they started following me and showing up where I go back in 2008. They’re doing it in their personal time, and they have others reporting on me too

Reporting sounds official; which can increase paranoia.

It can be tough feeling like you’re watched, especially when you’re at home or work.

I had to fight to stay relaxed because I realized there is nothing I can do about “them”, watching me.

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O yes, someone had this similar problem, few months ago, its a delusion in your mind is making, dont worry, the good news reality is noone is judging about your food or exercise or anything else. Matter of fact everything is fine with you, your perfect there way your are. Dont fall in with the delusion, is the mind tricking you into reality that is not true thats all. Were here to break that delusion and set you free.

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Thanks @oe1489 for the kind words.

I just carry on with my normal life. Sometimes I even dance. That’s only when I get nervous.

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