I always feel at my best when it's time to go to sleep

So I’ve been going to bed later and later.

Then when I wake up I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck :truck:.

I drink a lot of coffee so maybe that’s making the problem worse so I’m yet again going to try to cut it down.

Are you taking your meds at night?
Me I feel more energetic before taking meds because dopamine starts to go up I think when meds blood concentration starts to decrease.

This rush of energy makes me think of taking the pill when I forget it.

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I take my meds at 6pm. That’s the best time for me. If I take them sooner I get anxiety and if I take them later I feel like I’ve missed a dose.

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When I take them early I get akathisia mostly with Latuda, I think its because akathisia is more when the body is fully awake and its less when not, like when tired and sleepy.

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