I always fail,I am so guilty

I told everyone I wanted to stop vaping or smoking,I took chantix and my parent commented one negative thing about chantix and I stopped chantix and got the addiction back,vaping…I thought medicine can helped me a lot,it helped,but doesn’t solve problem around people.It doesn’t make me more like able or make me feel good…Now I felt like a failure and I think I have lost credibility…I always said,but never end up following or doing.I lost credibility of myself towards other,I even feel what I said is not true,because I don’t event trust myself as i always end up not doing most of the time.I love my gf,she put up with me,but I end up making her sad,angry sometimes…I really hope I am not like this…I hated myself

I got back to vaping because I After I stopped,I am drinking insane amount of sweet drinks…now I feel the diabetic sign creeping in,my leg is feeling a bit numb and I knew it’s becsuse of my sugar consumption

Nicotine is tough.


Yes it’s tough…I smoked for a year…

The thing is I replaced smoking with gaming,and then gaming is giving me problem.I took medicine,it’s making me tired at work,I needed sugary drinks to keep me awake in the morning or else I would fall asleep.Now I am getting diabetic,I know because I abuse sugary drinks…i know I would die diabetic more then lung cancer…

It took me about fifty tries to quit smoking. Keep trying. It will eventually take.


I agree with crimby, keep trying, it will eventually happen
Recently someone told me do I visualize myself as a non smoker. I said I don’t and I remember that when I did this I quit them for 3 months. Maybe it works

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I never understand the big deal about smoking. I for one don’t fall victim to the disgust of other people for doing it.

I get more benefit from smoking than most people do, as it helps me keep calm.

If I give up it would literally be to save money.

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I think it’s the money that I can’t bear…anyway,I just started last year,on half a pack a day and moved to vaping,half pod a day which is equivalent to half a pack of cigarettes…A pod of juice is more expensive then a pack of cigarettes,it’s healthier though

Don’t beat yourself up, you’re human after all.

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You just had a setback - still does not mean you wont eventually quit smoking. For me - since quitting Alcohol, im going thru an insane amount of sugar and sweets as well. Im vaping too as well - but not for health, purely to save money.

Dont be so hard on yourself - im sure in time you will get there in the end.


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