I almost shot my dad in the face!


No, not recently, it was a very long time ago when i was kid, and no i was not a schizophrenic yet. It would have been accidental and not intentional.

He took me hunting, or as i like to call it killing for food that you don’t need because you can’t find anything better to do.

So, there we were sitting there waiting for the squirrels to appear, lo and behold one did appear. He told me to shoot it, i didn’t want to but i didn’t know to tell him to fuq off, i was just a kid. So, i shot it, it wasn’t a good shot and i caught it in the worst spot, i butchered it’s leg and part of it’s body.

It fell from the tree it was in and began to fight for it’s life, it could hardly run or move, and had it been a human it would have been wailing from the pain.

But here is what happened, before i shot it i had to get close to it, but my gun was to big. So my dad told me to just put the gun on my shoulder and walk into sight of it. On my way though i tripped and the gun waved right towards my father’s face. My finger was on the trigger and all that it would have taken was just a flinch. And the fact that i was almost falling down would have made it even easier.

After i shot the squirrel and it fell to the ground and my dad chased it down and slit it’s throat right in front of me, he had to end it even though he didn’t really have to end it at all, we didn’t even have any business doing this in the first place.

So, thats how i spent that fine day, almost killing my father by accident and watching a squirrel get it’s throat cut after i tortured it against my will.

But it was so pretty though!