I almost fainted again

I’m worried… is it possible that clozapine causes it

Probably not. Do some simple exercise but talk to regular doctor first. I know your in a pickle but do what you can to keep active. It really does help in the long run just as it does taking the pills.

I read that it can cause fainting tho :frowning:

I had fainting from olanzapine. I understand it worries you. But keep calm and tell your psychiatrist.

It is possible that it automatically goes away by getting used to this med, for me it did. Or perhaps they will decrease the dose a bit when you are stable for a longer while.

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a while ago i would feel like im gonna faint when i stand up. doesnt happen much nowadays. its called orthostaric hypotension alot of meds can cause it but its not really dangerous other than falling risk


Yea I have this
I faint from time to time

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I fainted from high dose abilify,risperidone and latuda before

Even I used to faint, pdoc checked and said to have some salt or pickle with food. By the way its just me not sure about others. And yeah also have food on time, I used to skip breakfast which was also one of the reasons.


@Crystal-Cotton, we’ve already discussed this. You need to tell your dr. Plain and simple. Multiple users here have already told you that. This is an example of you talking in circles.

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I told my doc but he doesnt care

Then he doesn’t think it’s serious. Your next option is to wait until you’re out of hospital and make an appointment with your primary dr and tell them


If you repeatedly faint then it’s a problem you raise with your doc, if he thinks it’s a problem that needs to be addressed he will address it, we can’t do anything here we aren’t pros


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