I admire my brother. he is going to Bali, Indonesia soon

My brother loves traveling around the world and friday he leaves for three weeks to get his yoga certificate from Bali, Indonesia…!! He already has seen Europe, Antartica, Afghanistan (he’s a veteran), and more places than I can name…he lives his life on his terms and I admire him.


Yeah that’s great!
My brother has been all around the world too.
I too admire him for this.

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@Wave this brother used to beat on me when I first recovered and I held a lot against him early in his teen years…the list of abuse is pretty long…the last couple years, aside from one injury on my wrist, the abuse has stopped for a while and he has been super nice to me now…I wish him well…to do the things he’s done since becoming kinder as far as his traveling is so amazing to me…I want very badly to go to Italy. I just want to see the famous architecture and museums of art…

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Yeah my brother can be abusive too but lately he’s been nice to me also.

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I got to do a little traveling when I was in the army in Germany in the late 70’s, but alcohol ruined a lot of road trips. I’ve gotten myself into some difficult situations drinking and traveling. That kind of thing happens to a lot of practicing alcoholics.

@crimby thank you for your service…my nephew graduates boot camp for the Air Force in the morning…it was tough on him…my sister said he would cry the first couple times he got to talk to her on the phone early on in boot camp…

There are a lot of stressors in the military. Personalities often don’t mesh, and people get morose. Support your nephew. He is going through tough times.

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yes I love my nephew very much. I won’t see him for a while now…I don’t know if and when he will get leave.

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