I actually managed to clean the kitchen sink today and get dressed

After about several months I finally cleaned the dish rack and sink area. Feels so good!

And today I put on proper clothes not just pyjamas all day, even though I didn’t go out.

And as I felt like a slight makeover I put on eyeliner for first time in ages.

Want to go shoe shopping tomorrow! Got my eyes set on a new pair of ballerina pumps :blush: and maybe comfy boots and a jersey for last month or two of the cold season.

Dunno how long this recovery will last but it’s a start. Baby steps. My avolition still a problem and Alien still trying to get his foot in the door. And depression threatens my contentment every day.

But it was nice to have a ray of sunshine in my largely dreary existence…


Good for you. I hope it lasts.


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