I actually lost that friend whom we were considering going further

I felt he didn’t understand me enough.

I was beginning to feel like I had to detangle too many of his opinions on me.

It was exhausting


Also he has a condition where he says that he does not know how to keep anything private.

It is annoying because initially I asked him to keep my mental health private.
And he said that’s fine.
Then now he tells me that no he can’t.

I was a little controlling at one point cos I wanted to know something he said it’s a burden on me but I really wanted to know especially if it was about me.

It turned out to be about me.

Idk I’m not into frndships where can’t be upfront about each other to each other.

Anyway he said he feels controlled by me.

That really stung.

So I had to end the friendship.


I admit that was controlling when I was pressuring him to tell me that thing.

But generally I did not feel a controlling friend so I ended the relationship cos he felt controlled

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That’s code for: “I’m an idiot.”

I think you dodged a bullet here.


If you are afraid of saying something in front of that person, than it’s not worth it to keep talking to them .

Nice pseudonym :smiling_face:

New friends can’t compare with old ones.

Friendship is a slow ripening fruit… Once it has aged you can enjoy it

I think a friendship is essentially a partnership. And birds of a feather flock together so it’s hard to make new friendships that are solid if they haven’t grown alongside you.

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I kind of might be able to understand if someone can’t keep secrets. For example… Think of tourettes… That kind of thing.

But then why did he tell me initially that yes I’ll keep it a secret.

And anyway it’s all long to explain, all I know is that it better for each other if we end our friendship


I lost my temper a lot in the last 2 days of keeping in contact with him. It is why he said he feels controlled. I feel like me and him are not complementing each other enough to be friends. Maybe I was controlling I don’t even know anymore. He also said I was being rude. Those 2 days. Maybe I was. I defo lost my temper. Its annoying when ppl make u question urself like am I actually rude and controlling. Cos maybe I was. Maybe not thou. Anyway it is just best me and him don’t keep in contact cos i feel paranoid around him.

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