<<<<<<<<...I actually feel part of the human race now...>>>>>>>>>


im feeling so good its hard to put into words, the oppisite too suffering


This is good. Congrats! =)


the heart contents, ive reached a higher plain of emotion and feeling,


the saddness the augish the suffering of ones heart, you can have the oppisite of that because you have felt it


Yay! That’s great news. I hope it lasts.


That’s really really great to hear!!

long may it last


thanks folks, we people who suffered the most in life we can have it as a badge of honour, im truly humble


life was no bed of roses, i made mistakes, BUT ive FORGIVEN myself and moved on to maturity…


this song explains my escape from suffering


and this song explains everyone is a WINNER…LOL


THIS song is about joan of arc she heard voices


Great news. What has prompted this change where you’re feeling better? Are you doing new therapy? New medications? Something else?


Was wondering the same. Congrats!


This is wonderful news @pedro27 congrats on your stability