I Accidentally Took Excedrin While on Risperdal

What should I do?

I am considering since I’ll be up for a while (I took it at 7 pm) that I should just wait until about 11 or 12 to take my Risperdal. It probably lasts about 4-6 hours in my system, so I’d at least give myself time.

Any thoughts?

Been off the meds for a couple of years, what’s the deal with excederin and risperidol?

I took risperidol one time at the psych hospital and had a blinding headache for 3days, could hardly see to go to the bathroom. I will never take it again anyway.

@metime I take Risperdal, I rarely take OTC meds - what is the deal with Excedrin and Risperdal?
I am unaware of any interactions between them

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Excedrin has acetominophin in it, which you’re not supposed to mix. This is what my psych doc told me.

Hmm I didn’t now that. I’m on respiridone and I take acetometaphin when I have headaches. Took for a bout a week straight when I had a tooth ache going on. I didn’t notice anything after that duration. You’ll probably be fine, but if your worried you can always avoid this situation in the future.

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No I found some info - it is the mix of acetometaphine -aspirin - caffeine together (Excedrin)
There is a significant interaction - but not serious - if you did not take your Risperdal dose yet, I would wait till after midnight to take it -BUT DO NOT TAKE MY WORD FOR IT - I WOULD CALL A PHARMACIST OR BETTER YET DOCTOR IF YOU NEED TO

aspirin-acetaminophen-caffeine oral and risperidone oral

aspirin-acetaminophen-caffeine oral increases and risperidone oral decreases sedation and drowsiness.

You should be OK though -


@Wave I don’t know what happens exactly. It seems to be a doubling up of the same kind of poison for your organs. I try to not take Tylenol anyway. I usually take Ibuprofen. I will have to ask my p doc next time I see him.

In other news, an Opossum is eating our outside feral cat’s food. We should get a dog.



Drugs.com interaction checker found no issues with taking the two meds together.


Maybe it is rather insignificant and a reaction occurred with only some people - this is good news for @metime - good going Greg

Thank you all. I don’t think it will cause too much of a problem. I’ll ask my p doc and I’ll let everyone know why he said that.

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Hey, an alliteration! Did you do that on purpose? :stuck_out_tongue:


lol No not intentional :smile:

Uh I take C4 extreme on Geodon, xanax and propranolol and I’m not dead maybe just brain damaged. Jk I’m fine. Caffeine and psych meds are okay- doctors know that we all drink caffeine and that 90% of us smoke cigarettes. I have a presentation on caffeine and Thorazine in a class, it’s okay, even psych ward patients who drank literally a gallon of coffee a day showed clinically insignificant changes in symptoms from controls on decaf (lol they didn’t know it was decaf, poor guys)

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Caffeine is fine for me. I drink coffee every morning and I drink sugar free drink powders with caffeine.

I was more concerned about the Acetominophine in this case.

Brings back old memories…

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I take Tylenol all of the time with Risperdal I am fine - for some reason there might be some sort of interaction with Excedrin only - the combo of acetominophine/caffeine and aspirin.
Yes it is a good idea to ask your doctor - you mentioned Opposum - One was making an eerie strange sound outside of my room - they kind of freak me out! :smile:

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why are you worried about the mixture and what you should be worried about is risperdal itself. your priorities are mixed up.

I really think that you should be leaving those that are choosing to take medication alone.
Please stop persuading others NOT to take meds - this is a dangerous thing that you are doing.
You have it all wrong @shane - as far as I see it, your priorities are mixed up.


All this guy has done since he registered with the site is make anti-med posts. Be forewarned when dealing with this user.

@Wave @anon40540444

Thanks for the support and heads up guys.