Hypothetical question

What if your current status is like … You don’t have any care from your family, financially broke? But have a job. Your friends are happy and well to do. So is your family members.

And you are indebted to them for their timely help few times. But you are not able to pay them back or share your earnings with them. Just because you are sad all the time or they don’t need anything from you.

Is there a way to feel happy about yourself? To add to that there is MI.

Yeah plenty. Your alive. You have your own family who depend on you. You have an extended family…who may not understand, but still love you and support you.

I’d imagine it’s a thing of perspective. Your seeing only a small part of the whole problem…and I suspect it may be some underlying depression or something. It is common with schizophrenia. You can work. You can succeed. You just need a lift for your mind.

I’m no expert but I see bits of that downward spiral in you. It’s bio chemical and it’s no fault of your own…you may just need some medical help to get on top of things!

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Yeah I am missing a positive side of me for some time. Its like I lost one of my arm. Thanks rogueone for your insight. It helps when someone tries to understand. Near or far. I am surely going to follow something useful for my mind but really would like to know how far and how well it is going to be useful to me. I am looking in that direction now.

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