Hypomania or Grandeur?

i find it difficult to distinguish hypomania from grandeur. either they are similar or they happen simultaneously. In both situations I have inspiration, creativity & my body is filled with rapture & glory. All world worships my feet or I am renowned & famous & powerful & omniscient & omnipotent etc.
have you ever had delusions of grandeur?

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only someone who has both can help me.

There was a point in my life when I was diagnosed hypomanic in the context of a bipolar disorder…

Sometime after that, I was diagnosed with psychosis-not otherwise specified and schizophrenia, with symptoms of ‘delusions of grandeur’.

I’m not sure if I fit your needs but how may I be of help to you?

I think they are similar or they happen simultaneously…

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Care to elaborate?

either they happen simultaneously or they are similar. when hypomanic I am full of energy, creativity, inspiration. when in grandeur I have all the glory of the world, i am renowned, I am the best, omniscient, omnipotent.

I’m not hypo manic or manic. (My pdoc says so). But, I have what you might call grandiose delusions of reference. I believe that my Higher Power speaks to me intimately and personally every day.

it talks to you but do you feel you have special powers or gifts etc?

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No, I don’t feel I have any special powers or gifts. Why?

because in grandeur one is omnipotent & with special gifts & super human powers

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I guess I’m not grandiose then. Thanks.

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Maybe you are in your own way

My pdoc says that I am euthymic right now. Which means: normal mood.

euthymic is a Greek word meaning good (eu) mood (thymic). I thought that in psychiatry it means more than just good.