whts the diffrence between hypochondria and somatic delusion/paranoia?

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A good question , and one I’ve been pondering about for a while. I get spells of worrying about my physical health. Recently I’ve been getting a jagged pain in my right hip and aching lower back . Suggestions from others have been “Could be your mattress” and "Sciatica " . Although I’ve not voiced it except here , now , I’ve been worrying that it’s cancer …
When irrational and obsessive thoughts develop into delusionality I wouldn’t like to say .

I think Hypochondria is more related to OCD because you know to some extent it isn’t real. In comparison to somatic delusions where you have no doubt you have it and voices reinforce it making it almost unshakable. Imo or maybe they are the same.

Hypochondriac. I had not seen a dentist for 17 years, and then I ended up with severely impacted wisdom teeth. It caused pain in the cheek areas, the jaw areas, along with neck ache, head aches, and ear aches. So before finding a good dentist, I checked with my GP. I told him that I thought it was a case of severely impacted wisdom teeth. He said, with absolute certainty, that it was all in my head and that there was absolutely nothing wrong with me.

So I saw a university buddy of my brothers who became a dentist. He took x-rays and said that I had severely impacted wisdom teeth and that they were sooooooooo bad that they would have to be carefully removed at a hospital, and so they were.

Six months later, the same symptoms arose. So I thought that I had pus infections where the wisdom teeth used to be. So I set up an appointment with my GP to get some antibiotics. But when I got to his office he was gone due to an emergency call. So I was sent one floor down to see another doctor. I told him the symptoms and before I had even finished he said, “Stop…stop…stop. ENOUGH ! What you are sir is a Hypochondriac.”. I asked him what that meant and he said with a very very angry tone of voice, that there was absolutely nothing wrong with me and that I was just making it all up.

So I set up an appointment with my oral surgeon. He said, “Open your mouth”, and then he used one finger to squeeze my gum where one of the wisdom teeth used to be. Out came his finger with a big blob of white pus on it. He then said, "THERE is the cause of your nasty problem. We are going to give you a shot of antibiotics right here right NOW, and that we will give you a prescription for antibiotics as well.

It makes you wonder who it is that is being delusional.


I can have both.

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