Is anyone here also a Hypochondriac like myself? I always think theres something wrong with me health wise. It’s pretty stressful to have this.


Yeah I think that’s pretty common with schizophrenia. We always believe we have a rare illness because hey, we were unlucky enough to get schizophrenia which in itself is rare, why wouldn’t we have this other illness too? But what I’ve learned is that 99 times out of 100, you don’t have the disease you’re worried about.

My voices had me convinced I was going to die soon, I thought I had terminal Alzheimer’s or cancer for like six months during my delusional period shortly after onset.


My worries usually have to do with my heart


This might be triggering so be cautious.

What always helped me was to accept death, our death is inevitable and we have to see that as a fact. Instead of delaying something for later, when that time comes, your anxiety will still be young and vibrant, you want it to die down by living everyday as if you won’t be here tomorrow. Remember you are mortal. Death is a friend that we need to come to accept it is there to guide us, not to be our enemy. I hope this helps.


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