Hypnotism- have you ever been hypnotised?

I’ve never been to an actual hypnotist . I’ve heard it can help with phobias , and stopping things like smoking.
Recently I participated in a online study of hypnotic suggestibility , being done by a PhD candidate at the university of Sussex . I found it via a FB aphantasia group.

My score ?

Good evening, I’ve just checked your test, the score is 3 out of 40, meaning that you are very low in hypnotic suggestibility

I’ve always been suspicious/interested in it.

There’s a difference between parlor trick and therapeutic suggestion, that’s something I remind myself.

If it could help, I’m open to the idea, but I take it with a grain of salt

I stopped smoking with it once. Tried it again several years later and no luck. The hypnotist has to be good.

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