Has anybody here done hypnotherapy?

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I only tried it for insomnia/anxiety. It was pretty helpful for the day that I tried it.

The guy was really really calm and just hearing him talk was putting me to sleep on the spot before we began.Lol

It’s pretty expensive per session but my family was nice enough to put some money into for me to try it.

It was really cool though. Except for the fact that during the session I didn’t fall asleep and kind of faked it. Afterwards I was left with a residual state that is pretty hard to describe. I could almost hear his thoughts echoing from the session which helped to keep me calm for the remainder of the day.

Nope. It would be scary.

Is it supposed to help recover repressed memories?

I do hypnosis on myself a lot of the time. It’s an escape

Hypnotherapy is something you have to keep doggedly practising if you want it to have any positive effect in your life. That is really the only caveat that I see as a barrier to recommending it.

10-15 minutes of hypnosis each day is a good thing before sleeping.

Give it a go!

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