Hypnosis ... Ugh

I’m a chronic skeptic.

You just can’t do it and if you do it your suspect in my honest opinion. You want to act like a chicken if someone tells you go for broke. If not there’s no way you can honestly do it to anyone…Prove me wrong!

A person is not getting naked under hypnosis. There are things mind doesn’t allow even when hypnotized. You can’t be made to give away your money under hypnosis.

In hypnotic state some inhibitions of conscious mind are lowered. A person won’t be afraid of ridicule for singing incorrect lyrics. Or dancing like a woman. He won’t afraid of having bad dance moves. Or play imaginary string instrument.

I know it was not a setup because my friend was hypnotizied. Otherwise I would have called it part of show.

Then someone should be naked. Case in point!

Some not all. Guy would be dancing like a woman not dancing naked.

Your making excuses already. Anyways. It’s bunk> for me never seen anyone prove me wrong. Your not proving anything but your friend was acting like a goose…

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You are free to believe whatever you want.

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