Hyperthyroidism and psychosis?

Apparently can cause visual/auditory hallucinations, nervousness and anxiety and cognitive dysfunction. All of which I have. So is it worth getting a test done for it? When I was in prodormal I lost a lot of weight, hair lost everywhere, had a huge head burning sensation and sweats, extreme fatigue, so sensitive to sounds I attempted suicide because they were too loud, and had diarrhea once I got to the hospital. These are also all symptoms of it. I forgot about them as they mostly disappeared also no one at the hospital cared about those symptoms. However years later I am on hair vitamins because I still have brittle hair, still have visuals, memory issues, weight fluctuation, still very easily startled by sound and still feel tired a lot of the time. Should I go in to see my doctor? I’m worried about not being taken seriously because of my diagnosis. But I am starting to also grow suspicious because I had such large physical health issues around the time I was diagnosed…

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Yes, you definitely have symptoms that could be attributed to hyperthyroidism - I would get checked by a Dr

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