Yeah i dont have a photographic memory unfortanately lol


I was thinking both are the same :thinking: what’s is the difference

What brought this to mind again was i went biking with a friend on the weekend and he asked if i knew the buddy he was bringing. He told me his first name so i said no.

We met and went riding. I noticed he looked familiar.

We started chatting about thailand and work and it triggered a memory that I worked at the same place as him 15 years ago.

I said oh i remember you, you told me a story when were in the warehouse about how you ate a rat when you were in thailand.

Then i could remember about the various sales estimates he had talked about when we were at work and meetings.

I could just see it all in my head in the first person.


Photographic would be like taking a look at information in a book and remembering it all then applying it to some project or test. Or ability to learn things very quickly because of it.


Ahh you got the wise illness :wink:
How did you conclude ?
Don’t get me wrong though.

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I have the contrary. What is it called? :thinking:

Im not sure lol lack of memory of past?

Another thing i read which also more aligns with my style of memory is

Flashbulb memory but its just extended to a lot more mundane stuff as well as significant


i have highly superior intelligence but people are too dumb to notice

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Like the description of it fits to some degree but i just dont recall stuff by specific dates. Like people who actually have it know exact dates which i definitely dont know.

I honestly just chalk it up to an overactive wonky brain :sweat_smile:

i have hyperamnesia

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