Hypersensitivity to sound

So not only am I irritable I get irritated at the slightest sound.is this a common symptom of schiz because its driving me insane. My grandmother has breathing issues, and that’s driving me insane and i know its not her fault but OMG i am going to drive myself mad.

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I feel that too, especially at nights when I try to sleep.

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I’m hypersensitive too…Is just bad joke pushing your buttons.

I do find it easier to just play instrumentals when I work as just cannot process song lyrics and read at same time anymore.

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When I start getting hypersensitive to sound and light it’s not a good sign.

Take care and I hope you can find a way to decompress the stress.

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Is it a warning sign of psychosis? Or should I watch out for moods?

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For me personally… it’s a warning sign of an episode…

But for stuff like this… you might want to jot down in a journal… see if there are other stress triggers that making you more sensitive.

I know there has been a lot of change in your life recently… that might be triggering some stress???

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I have a lot of sound mix in my life has to do with background noise and timperment, to how it efacts me!

do ur grand mother snore during sleep.

u can try this out… :+1:

Maybe ear plugs could help?

is hyper sensitivity related with psychosis…???

I think it is somewhat the same for me, on the other hand, I did not notice this just prior an episode yet. But during psychosis some sounds seem so incredibly loud… it almost hurts.

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It also seems like everything gets too much…

When I’m level… the fan motor… the fridge the clock… I can ignore. But when I’m not doing well… I hear it all… and more… It can get pretty noisy.