Hyper logical state, has anyone experienced it?

When I got my last psychosis, at one point I entered what I would call a hyper logical state of consciousness. All my feelings was gone completely, and I only thought logically. When I ate food, there was a moment where I couldn’t taste anything at all, it gave me no pleasure. When I looked at the watch I could only see it showing a number, it meant nothing to me. I was in this state for maybe around an hour if I had to guess. It was kind of scary.


It’s insane how your taste sense can just shut off like that.

When I was in psychosis, my thoughts were anything but hyper logical, personally.

Havent had that but i have smelled smells that are not there many times. The phantom smell hallucinations

When I was in psychosis there were certain words I couldn’t think. And sometimes my mind went blank for some time.


I have states of mind where i am totally insync with my environment. I feel happy, free and at peace. Somewhat being one with the city. I had this feeling in nature as well. I don’t know how you call it. Maybe enlightenment. It just doesn’t last, cause i get fearful of the idiots.

In a way i did have a kind of hyperlogical state when convincing myself of certain delusions i had.

this also happens to me

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You thought that was a hallucination? Lol it was my poop

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Oh rats you got me! :crazy_face:

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Actually dog poop is one of my smell hallucinations lol. Sometimes it just fills all the rooms but theres nothing there

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I don’t know whether to say “that sucks, I’m sorry” or “that’s kind of funny” :joy:

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