Hygiene tips

nothing dirty please

lol lol lol

I’ll be back later

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take a shower daily …!!!

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What about mind dirt? Is it allowed?:confused:

Try to plan ahead (this is the hardest bit for me).

Lay out your clean clothes ready to put on. Get the towel ready. Maybe put some music on.


trim your nails every 6-7 days.

Also if you are a guy and do not take very good care of your feet - buy one of these from the dollar store and use it on your feet.


when you take a shower and use a conditioner - women or even men - do not brush your hair while showering - this makes a lot of dandruff. Also when shampooing your hair use your finger tips gently on your hair not to create dandruff.

And if you apply conditioner - only apply it on the bottom part of your hair.


So complicated, I’ll just stick to baby shampoo :wink:



lol! look at that head of hair!

Keep your room freezing so you take a shower just for the hot water!! I find that’s one of the best ways to get me to take showers.

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a wire brush does the trick

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thanks for tips.

for now, I’ll perfume and mouthwash.

Trimming the nails, not sure why though, just making them shorter


I should shower, but ooooooooooooooooooooooh so lazy today

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I read that people with schizophrenia don’t take care of their teeth so I brush and floss everyday.

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Hygiene tips? Just do it! One of my main things is trying to get myself to shower, style my hair and apply make-up because it makes me feel better. I will take a shower but then I don’t do anything with my hair and it looks like that baby except frizzy. I did paint my nails a couple days ago so I get points for that. Ya, with the hygiene tips, I’ve got a ton of them, it’s just most important to do it. Shower, wash your hair and brush your teeth. At a minimum. Also deodorant and cologne/perfume.