Hygiene hill climb

As many of you do I also struggle with the up hill battle of hygiene. The two biggest ways I struggle are. I always find some excuse not too bathe/shower but atleast lately I make myself do one or the other once a week and I find living a sedentary life I don’t end up stinking too bad throughout a week. I also never brush my teeth worse part I have the negative symptom apathy therefore the consequences don’t motivate me to brush. Just out of curiosity what ways do you guys struggle? Did things get better the longer you lived with the disease for?

Yeah it improves. I’ve found exercise and lists work well. Lists for ticking off things your not getting done and exercise helps body and mind.

It’s not easy. Negatives bite but you’ve got to fight them. I’ve found that forcing yourself to get into some sort of order helps no end.

Make a little list and just force yourself to do it!


What type of excersize do u do… @rogueone

I’d like to add to the suggestion of a list by @rogueone and say I’ve found it helpful in the past (Though I don’t do it anymore, maybe I should!) that it helps to make a list of things you enjoy as well, and gate access to those things by crossing off things from your list, or earning points for doing the less pleasant things on your list.


You know I think exercise would help me in numerous ways I just can’t get off my butt and do it. I’ve tried lists never found much luck in them just get frustrated when I still fail but maybe I need to keep trying.

Not brushing could cost you a lot of money in dental work. You’re supposed to brush twice a day, but I can only make myself brush once a day.


Haha for some people, hygiene is more difficult than climbing a hill!!

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I don’t really have negative effects.

I can’t go to bed if I havnt showered as I can’t dirty my sheet. Putting dirty ass germs on my sheet freaks me out. Maybe try that as motivation lol.

Teeth must be clean twice a day also. Try make a routine and stick it out, before u know it it will be second nature for u

You failed to see the beauty in the title. Schizophrenics battle with hygiene can be seen, as an 18 wheeler loaded down with verying weights of negative, and cognitive symptoms, climbing a steep mountain grade. The people with the light loads will have no problem making it over the hill. Where as the people with the heaviest loads will have the hardest work to shift their gears right and make it up the hill and many of them don’t. This is the imagery I had in my head when I picked the title.

Mine has only gotten worse over time.

When I was younger, I used to get comment that my hair was always washed and I was clean, now not so much (but I don’t see anyone anymore) I like a shower just lack the motivation to get in there, I shoot for every second day and days I have to see a doctor.