Hygene is important

When I don’t go out for weeks I tend to neglect my hygene but I just notice that it’s important to care for my hygene even if I don’t go out. I feel better about myself when I care for it and it becomes easier to go out spontaneously.

If you neglect your hygene when you don’t go out it can become a vicious circle so even if it’s a bother it’s important to keep good hygene.

If you’re confident about your cleanliness it affects your self-esteem in a good way.

Just a thought…


True!! A lot of yeses!

I’m trying to take better care of myself lately, sometimes it’s just hard to take a shower, I don’t want to get wet. I sometimes go 4 days without one, and I feel like crap because of it. I’m trying every other day, and sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t.

I’ll get better at it!

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im usually good at showering but i dont want to get wet lately either… but ima go in in a minute after i share my music on facebook

I also don’t want to get wet, it stresses me out. I usually go 3-4 days without a shower/bath, I know I need to take one more frequently…

In fact I just did nail care and it also makes a difference.

Managed to have 3 showers last week. Felt good.


This might seem out of character for me, but I’m dealing with a real person who I believe has cameras in my bathroom. No showers for me. He does other things too.Never a dull moment. He’s been around for almost 3 years and cause a lot of stress in me.

I’ve gone through periods where my hygiene was poor. I was drinking heavily, and I was always sweating out alcohol. It made me look greasy. I’m glad those days are over. These days I’m showering three times a week.

I’m sure there aren’t any cameras in your bathroom pob. Remember our illness makes us paranoid?

Sometimes I just forget to shower or dont see the point in it. I try to at least have 1 or 2 a week. Though if I am doing something like a model shoot it usually helps motivate me enough to have one. I am not sure the longest ive gone without one, but at least 7 days i think.

I took two showers this week because I thought, mistakenly, that I was going over to a friend’s house. But anyway, normally I only take one shower a week because, like Minni, I don’t like to get wet. I don’t feel bad because of it though.

I took 3 showers in 24 hours yesterday, not because I was smelly, but because (twice) I was cold, and once after doing a bunch of yard work at my mom’s, I kept finding bit’s of branches in my clothes, and there were some icky biting ants in my pants. Ew.

i shower everyday but sometimes i dont bother brushing my hair or wearing make up or trying to look tidy when i go out… i think i kinda look like a bum sometimes,…

It’s good to do that occasionally, keeps folks guessing.

I’m always in my work clothes when I go out, and they get dirty pretty quick.

Work dirt is good dirt.

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I become very agitated and uncomfortable when I feel unclean. So I shower a lot. But I often fail at smaller hygiene tasks.

Such as…?
(Just curious)

I am fearful of hair salons, and don’t know how to cut hair, so I go long periods of time without a haircut. Also clipping nails, shaving, flossing…

For a long time, I avoided showering because I would hallucinate alien arms reaching out and grabbing me, or think my own arms were foreign objects. I resorted to taking “bucket baths”, where I would fill a bucket with soapy water and wash like that.

I’m so thankful for my new meds.

I’ve only paid to have my hair cut twice, both times when I was 13 years old, the rest of the time I did my own hair.