Hi, I’m back. I went to the nimh for a research study and participated in that, and the doctors at the nih said I have aqueductal stenosis, like hydrocephalus and should investigate brain surgery.

That sounds kind of scarey.

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Your pdoc should have ordered the brain scan and discovered the aquedutal stenosis for you long ago. It’s his negligence.

I agree. However, Sz appears to have a component in hydrocephalus, like Sz have alot of cebral spinal fluid in their brain for example. So, I get the Sz diagnosis from a psychiatrist.

you have to go see a specialist in aqueductal stenosis to get the right diagnosis is my point, get up out of your chairs, and go see a neurologist and neurosurgeon.

Please don’t advise people to leave their psychiatrist. While I understand that this may be working better for you it is not the answer for everyone.


I’ve done 3 brain scans for different reasons (car accident among others). My skull is okay. But my brain misfires.

okay, is it easy too get a brainscan?

i would like too have one too, had also a couple of accidents.
one which involved me hitting a car window with my head.
But here it is hard too get a brainscan, you have too get a referral letter from
a family physician/ general practitioner

I got it when I hit my head in the window and lost feeling in my entire body. Did not wear seat belt. Stupid me. Another time I got it when they thought I might have a clot in my brain because I reacted so strange on Zyprexa when I was hospitalized.

ok, that sounds heavy.

i had a blackout after the crash, i was on my bike and a car scooped me
with an high speed on my left side. i flew a couple of meters in the air
and when i woke up the window and the hood wore shatterd.

oh my, I am so sorry to hear that. I don’t like motorcycles… very dangerous

@NiceHat, you take good care of yourself, but I’m not surprised you told us to leave our psychiatrists after your former post about being too good for this site…why don’t you just stay gone?


I agree. Just because you have a neurological condition doesn’t mean the rest of the people on here do too. My hallucinations are caused by temporal lobe epilepsy, but you won’t find me gallivanting around the site telling people to abandon their pdocs. I encourage people to take their meds and see their pdocs. You are very opinionated and biased, and I don’t think this is the place for you. You are not supportive and you reek of selfishness.


maybe it’s the paranoid Sz in all of you, I didn’t tell anyone to abandon their pdocs, but the pdocs I’ve met know nothing about brain surgery. somebody assumed that’s what I meant, and then the group starts attacking. this is such a fun website!!! :smiley:

Thanks @BarbieBF especially, I’d like to call you a nasty name right now, but I won’t.

what I meant was, you the patient have to take the initative to go find a doctor who can analyze your brain anatomy, your pdoc isn’t going to do that, I’m as shocked as anyone else is on this fact. I had to goto the NIH, thank you to Almighty God I did have the opportunity to go, otherwise I’d be disabled for the rest of my life.

here’s what my MRI looked like, and the doctor measured my aqueduct of sylvius to be less than 1mm in diameter, causing fluid to fill up in my brain. I’m sharing this in case somebody else out there can benefit from this information, not because I’m a ■■■■■. If you look at your own MRI and see a hole in your head like that, get a 2nd opinion is my advice.

I had an MRI years ago…it was normal so I at least know my brain LOOKS like a normal brain.

But as I was sitting down with the neurologist to go over my results (I was symptomatic at the time) I heard her say in my head “And this part is missing”

Uh Oh…lol.

that’s the point i’m trying to make, I’ve had 5 MRIs, the NIH is the only organization who took the time to tell me what the problem is, the other doctors told me my images were ‘normal’ too, but they are not.

so, I’d walk around disabled with the psychosis if it wasn’t for my trip to the NIH. and, keep in mind, I also have other neurological symptoms, like this after a long bike trip, but if folks aren’t taking 125 mile bike trips like me, this wouldn’t happen I’m sure

here I am after the pressure in my head has diminished, or perhaps the aqueduct opened back up, not sure.

I hope you can continuing cycling.


This is incredibly offensive.

You don’t seem to have learned from the last time you were here. Please be civil and supportive.

maybe when folks like you and Barbie can be civil and supportive of me, hello :slight_smile:

All other things aside, you might want to edit out your personal information from those pics.

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