Husband is diabetic

We found out that my husband has had diabetes for years. Main reason we didn 't know was needle and medical phobias. I know a lot about diabetes, but was wondering if anyone had some things I didn’t know about, like recipes. We plan on changing our diet more, but we already eat lean meat and vegetables a lot with mostly homemade food.

We plan to do more exercise and cutting almost all sugar, but we don’t really eat much sweets so it won’t be hard.

I am so sorry to hear this…I have a recipe for fried eggplant lasagna if you are interested…


Yes! I’d love that. Thank you.

peel two large eggplants and cut into lengthwise steaks…soak steaks in a lightly salted water bowl for about fifteen minutes to eliminate raw taste.

heat oil in a skillet and bread the eggplant steaks in egg and flour. fry the eggplants for about fifteen minutes per side. set aside…

cook your lasagna noodles prior and set aside.

your favorite home made or store bought marinara.

raw spinach destemmed and set aside.

ricotta cheese set aside.

provalone cheese in slices.

lay a layer of marinara in the bottom of a casserole pan. lay down layer of lasagna noodles. fried eggplant next layer, followed by more marinara and then spinach leaves. one layer of provolone slices. marinara and then add the ricotta cheese. repeat until you layer the top with provolone cheese…bake for thirty minutes at 350. let sit five minutes before serving…enjoy…I haven’t made this in years but I got the recipe from a chef.

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Sounds great. Thanks!

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