Husband has job interview


My husband has a job interview coming up, and we really, really need this job! They contacted him through his school’s job site after reviewing his resume. They told him to fill out a form, then they would do a 20 minute phone interview. I am praying he will get it. His current job is stagnating, and they are putting idiots in charge. Now, they are slowly moving out American workers. It’s awful, and we are scared he will lose his job. Please, please let us get this job.


Send good vibes in the universe. He will get the job!


Good Luck, hope he gets the job


Joining you in praying that he gets it! Keep us posted on how the interview goes!


Oh good Lord. I’m sorry to hear that. (We have similar crap happening up north.) Hope he gets the new position.


Thanks everyone. I guess now we just wait to hear more. In the meantime, I’ve applied to Ulta again, and I have no reason to doubt that they will call me. They called me before. We could use the extra money this Christmas, even if it’s only a couple hundred bucks. That would be nice to put towards my credit cards or school books even.

I don’t know how or whether school will work out this semester, though. I met all the requirements and was accepted, and I called to see if I could register, but they said the Business Admin group would have to review my transcripts now, and it was finals season, so… Also, two of the three classes I was going to take are full, so I’d be taking random classes to fill to space. Not sure how I feel about that. I had other electives in mind.


Hoping your husband gets the job @Happy_H! Good luck with Ulta and school!


Best of luck! I hope he gets it!


I applied at the same company for a writing position. I submitted my Master’s final project for my writing sample; it is 40 pages long lol.