Husband and I decided

My husband and I decided that he is gonna to ask his doctor to give him a refuel to another doctor so he can get a vasectomy


Are you happy with this decision?

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@Zannah yeah I am

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Then I’m glad for you. How thoughtful of him to do that so you don’t have to.


@Zannah thank you he is very kind


I don’t think I could get a vasectomy, the psychology of knowing I’m shooting blanks bothers me. I’d rather ask my wife to get her tubes tied.

Of course once a guy gets a vasectomy he can have sex with as many women as he wants and not have to worry about pregnancy.

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Vasectomy is an in office procedure. Tubes tied is actual surgery. Yet somehow it almost always gets put on the woman.

@Twialine glad your husband is taking that responsibility!


@Headspark one of the reasons we picked this is getting tubes tied is a major surgery while a vasectomy is a in and out thing so he has no risk of dying while I would I would also be on a lot more pain

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Yes. This is why men get vissectomy.

But like you, I can’t deal with getting an ‘operation’ down there.

@mikev0882 it’s not even considered to be an operation! They do it in office not in an operating room while getting tubes tied is an operation where I would be put out and there is a chance I wouldn’t make it David values my life enough he wouldn’t ask me to risk my life

I personally couldn’t handle more loss in function… your husband is very brave

It doesn’t affect function

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