Hurting those around me

I am hurting the people who love me and are here for me on my side everyday. If I am not hurting them I’m surely not helping/benefiting them. Right now I am at a crossroad of making a life of my own, or living on the streets. It has stalled for a year already, and I just know in my gut it’s going to end up on the streets. My family comes from a middle class/higher mid pay, and they are close to me. It’s just a messed up situation because I know when I leave I am going to be hurting them even more.

Don’t leave. You recognize a problem, step up and work on a solution instead of just running away from it. I know it isn’t easy to do that, but I bet they are willing to work with you if you have the will to do so.


Thank you @Vallpen I think a push from another might actually help a lot.

Really hope you hang in there and work on solutions! I bet those people really care about you and are eager to work WITH you on solutions. Keep telling yourself that.

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Apologies might seem lame, but they can mean a lot.

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I agree with you @Vallpen some people have no one on their side, and I am blessed with a supportive family on my side. Maybe I just have to start taking small steps instead of digging for gold.


Yep. Small steps turn into a journey. Like your avatar. Thats a dang big fish.

@vallpen I know this might be somewhat off topic from our discussion, but do you have any quotes or advice about being positive and or grateful? Sorry for the weird question.

Do you use facebook? I really like Optimism Revolution - I think you can visit the page without being a FB member. His posts often say just the right thing for me.

Try this one on for size right now!

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Thanks, will do so😀 @Vallpen