Hurt my back yesterday

I have a pinched sciatic nerve in my back from a herniated disc. I got told to carry a heavy fire pit ring from the shed over to the place in the yard my in laws have fires in the summer. I know my in-laws don’t care they will still make me do everything I normally do. My partner wants me to go to the hospital. I don’t want to the hospital around here will just send me home with a bunch of pain meds like last time.

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Hows ur all pets cbb sis…???

This is a serious injury that could become permanent if you don’t seek medical help. Please go to the hospital, and get a doctor’s note saying you can’t do things. And if your in laws give you a hard time, just show them the note and refuse to do any work. They won’t kick you out, they need your check. You need rest, unless you want permanent pain in your back like the permanent pain in your ankle.

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Good, kaisei the bearded dragon is happy he bugs and butternut squash today.


It’s already a permanent injury it happened in October 2009 because of a car accident. My in-laws won’t care if I get a doctor’s note. My mother in law has a sciatic nerve pinch and a fused neck she still does things because her husband makes her he is a royal ■■■■■■■ when the house and yard aren’t clean to his satisfaction.

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