Hunter gathers

we are hunter gatherers not designed to live the way we do wed hide in our cave or go out killing.
killing is making money in modern culture.
its survival of the fittest
no body said nature is kind.

True words…

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One of my sources just told me, “There’s nothing natural about our modern human society.”



Society no. But want it or not, our body is still natural and we have to adapt that to a society that is far, far away from what said body is designed to do. Many a disorders come from this gap… don’t they?


Nature can be extraordinarily cruel. Watch some of the nature shows on TV.

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That’s why the saying “Make a killing” means to make a lot of money:

make a killing
verb phrase
To get a large, quick profit; win hugely : Where did he get all that money? Made a killing on the stock market, he say

Now we hunt and gather at the grocery store…still the predator instinct comes out… I try to buy organic bananas and one time a pregnant human female grabbed up the last 2 bunches. Several years ago I watched a human female snatch up all the packs of discounted beef…she must have had young in her den to feed… all I wanted was one pack and she got all that were there…

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