Hunkering down for the long haul

I am preparing to get ready to be poor for a long time. everyone is tired of helping us financially and now it’s going to be left up to me and my disability check to support RooRoo’s diabetic discovery plus everything else now…ideas about cheap food would help a lot.

How is Roo Roo now?

I find this website helpful:

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I read the local circulars that come in the mail. Sometimes we stock up on certain items when they’re on sale. If you rotate what you buy a little and take advantage of the sales, and don’t just buy the same old things every time, you can save.
At times, you have to buy a minimum amount to get the good price. They will tell you the minimum of that same brand and item that you need to get.
Sometimes you can buy a certain amounts of different items (like 5) and get like a dollar off of each. The tags underneath will say that they are part of the deal and will advertise the amount it costs if you meet the minimum.
Oh yeah, I almost forgot this. Always check your receipt before you leave the store. That way you can spot mistakes and other unexpected stuff and take care of it before you leave.
Surprisingly enough, sometimes there are good deals at Dollar Trees and 99 cents stores. But be careful, sometimes they are the same price as anywhere else, just smaller packages. Dish soap and stuff like that. And some items are really bad quality.
Sprouts is great for produce and bulk stuff like rice, oatmeal, beans, etc. And Aldi’s is probably overall the best way to save on most of the essentials, they just don’t carry as much as some of the bigger grocery stores.


@eighteyedspy23 I don’t have dollar stores here in town but dollar general and they aren’t cheaper than the regular stores…I am thinking we will stock up on chili and soup and then eat one meal of ramen noodles a day to save money. I would kill for a Sprouts in town…love that store!!

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Beans and rice is always good. And it is a good meat substitute.


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