Humorous movies impact on schizophrenia

(People with schizophrenia) have reduced levels of psychopathology, anger, anxiety, and depression symptoms and an improvement in social competence were revealed in the study group

Take notice when @everhopeful tells you to watch a funny movie. He’s on to something.


I watch jail and prison shows sometimes to make me feel better that I’m not trapped locked up somewhere but I also like comedies.


My recommendations


I don’t understand neurotypical humour. I’ve tried to watch Brooklyn 99 with my kid and, frankly, I’d rather slam my naughty bits in a car door than be exposed to more of that.

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What do you like to watch then?

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Yes I’m guilty of that too. Sometimes I watch sci fi or action in order to forget my problems. Like this sci fi anime where death is a heavy theme. Other times I like to think about happy things that I want like having a wedding, bubble tea break time, saving money to travel, seeing family, and going to support group.
Are there any good humor on Amazon Prime?
I love a good comedy!

On Amazon Prime:
Jim Gaffigan: quality time
Small Apartments (funny flick)

Thanks! I am really liking Jack Ryan!

Jack Ryan for the action and suspense. Waiting for season 2 to premiere

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Humor is my strongest coping mechanism. Sometimes you just gotta laugh

Interesting article !

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Good to know :v::pray:

Very interesting

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