Humor: Confiscated Consciousness

This piece is written as humor but it is also not necessarily joking. You can check the credentials of the man who wrote this to see that he’s not some raging lunatic either. If you’re going to read this, read it with a lighthearted mind or with the usual skeptic mindset (this is nonsense).

Some things to note:

The title of the book changing goes unnoticed by the interviewers. This is something I actually experienced a few weeks ago when reading the wiki page on Van Gogh: there was a quote there that I saw word for word that was also on the wiki page of Thomas Aquinas. However, returning to find the quote? It wasn’t there. (on either page)

A dream I had several months ago: I was waking up from the bed in my room and the TV was on. It was a news report saying that the government has just released a program that is altering the consciousness of people worldwide. I left the house but what was shocking was that there was no one around.

Alice In Wonderland meets Goosebumps meets COPS.

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