My bf called me a stupid ho and the harassers upstairs laughed. I feel like going to the doesn’t matter. I’ve spent nearly twenty years putting up with crap. I don’t deserve this. Sorry about dumb post.

The people upstairs didn’t hear.

People say things they don’t mean when they’re having an argument.

Calling you that wasn’t very nice and you don’t deserve it.


There is nothing dumb about your post. Maybe you can find someone else and tell this clown goodbye.

Sorry about your bf being a dick, all men are at some point or another. But are sure about your neighbours laughing?

Yeah. My bf was pretty loud when he said it. I wish he would joke with me a different way. It’s not good for my mind.

You shouldn’t let the people upstairs bother you. They sound like lunatics.

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I’m sorry that happened, @roxanna.

Are you feeling better now?

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@NotSeksoEmpirico - I know plenty of men who have never been a dick before, so you’re very wrong on “All men” being a dick at some point.

I disagree. But I don’t know any humans at all who haven’t been jerks at some point. I think occasional dickery is a very universal human trait regardless of gender.

I’m sorry he was mean to you @roxanna. Do you need to go to the crisis center?


If I said “all women” are ■■■■■*s are some point, you guys would lose your minds @Ninjastar @NotSeksoEmpirico but its okay to say all men are dicks at some point? Double standards. Simply pathetic. Sexist.

Men have to put on an act for women. Sometimes it falls flat.

I was speaking from a hetero guy’s standpoint, and not a self-hating one at that. Context and, of course, intention, is everything. It wasn’t my intention to offend anyone. Saying that all men are dicks at some point practically rules out that all men are in essence dicks, let alone dicks on a permanent basis. In short, I’m not condemning men because I happen to believe they are dicks, but rather I’m condemning dickish behaviour carried out by men. Hate the sin love the sinner.


Our Heaven Above Knows I’ve Been Trapped Within Situations (For Long Periods Of Time), Trapped Among Individuals Who Would Rather Eat Chocolate Covered Cockroaches Than Try Veganism For A Day.

Which May Not Be Understandable From An Outer Perspective. At First Glance.

Point Is, Hold Your Tongue. Bite Your Lips. Keep To Yourself. And Make Some Plans For The Future.

Nope. All women are at one point or another.

Saying that all men are dicks all the time is sexist. Saying all women are b’s all the time is sexist.

Saying that all people can be jerks at certain points is pretty true. I don’t know one person that hasn’t ever had a jerky moment and I know some people who are really good, sweet people.


Anyways, @TheCanuk someone else’s post about being screamed at by her boyfriend and struggling with suicidal ideation is not the place to make a point about not all men.

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Sorry for hijacking the post, I wad just offended by what that person said.

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No One Is Perfect @TheCanuk, Remember That In All You Do And Get Involved In.

And For @roxanna. . .,

There Is No Excuse For Being Treated Like Your Existence Exist’s In Insignificance. . . . . . .

I feel better. I was washing dishes with my bf and the upstairs jackass slammed something really hard against the floor where we were. bf has his day so do I. Thx


I’m glad you guys were able to make up. Did he apologize?

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Yeah. He was grouchy. I have mood swings too thx for your response