Humiliated again

Anyways I will forget tomorrow :wink:

Sad part I will still talk to my relatives.

But this time I will make a change :face_with_monocle:

Like how I did to my friend who was my friend for 16 years and did not go to his wedding


Being stupid and good makes me look like a fool.

Now the game starts of life.

Compitition like how in everything we need to win.

That is what been thought since my childhood.

And naysayers I will prove all wrong :triumph:

Am I capable?

See still I am letting others decide for me which is the main cause of voices.

I mostly try to compete only with myself. I know sometimes we have to compete for jobs and resources and it’s depressing. You mentioned before that you were looking for new work. How is that going?

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Why were you humiliated?

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Not yet started. I am figuring a way out to get the long shot goal of a NLP data Scientist.

I am going to get this and make my own luck.

I heard US pays well but here we are payed like more than half less.

My goal is to make a 250,000,000 crores I know it’s a big big number. I can feel I can make it.

Where my mind can reach and there is a clear way I can do it. It’s not in my manic state talking, I am very stable now.

I think this was the reason I got sz, to reach with right mind set. I know now what is reality.

Reality is Me ! I am alive.

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They invited everyone in my father’s side families to a birthday celebration. They did not invite me and my dad and mom. Everyone else where present.

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The problem is that everyone hears about how high the pay is, but they don’t realize how high the cost of living here in North America is as well. You don’t get to keep as much of that pay as you would like. :frowning:


I’m sorry to hear that.

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Yes but I did check here it is

Here we get paid for the same job is 45,000 dollars a year.

Not only that my aim is to startup a company of my own.

My city ranks 8 in the most startups.

You know I got to visit a person home who is worth 1450 crores.

I was shocked when I saw their bedroom size freaking I can even say it’s a bed room. 5 elephants can fit in. I don’t even know how the master bedroom will look like.

I don’t like my dad’s side of family cos they’re breeders and ■■■■■■■■. Don’t worry about it. Hugs

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I have a doubt about this :sweat_smile:

Silly me it’s supposed to be 25 crores anyways it’s do able :dove:

That’s not my house. LOL. The more room you have the more cleaning you have to do. No thanks!

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If I can do better at something than I did before I’m pleased,irrespective of another person or persons doing better than me.


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