Humans weight loss thread... again🙄

Anybody else put salt on their watermelon??:crazy_face:

Decided I’d start a new weight loss thread cause my last 1 failed… anyways, here’s my lunch today


Looks like an appetizing and healthy lunch. Hard boiled eggs are excellent for filling you up without too many calories. They used to say that digesting hard boiled eggs took more calories to digest them then they contained, but I think that was without the yolk. Not sure if its true or not, but I stand by my comment of “filling you up without too many calories”, even with the yolk.

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Looks delicious.!!

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I fell off the calorie counting wagon. It’s not easy. I’ll try to pick it up again when I have the motivation.

Good luck with your attempt. :four_leaf_clover:


Hmmm :thinking: never heard that, hopefully it’s true! But I could never have an egg without the yolk. That just ain’t right lol


Oh yeah😎

It was okay honestly

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No it definitely isn’t easy🥲

But I’m doing weight watchers so… I mean it’s still hard-ish tho.

Did you have any success losing weight while calorie counting?

And thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, a huge amount of success. It definitely works !

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I also started a diet today, @Human.

Best of luck to you.

And me.

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How many calories a day were you consuming??


Oh nice! Is there a specific diet you’re doing?

and yes, good luck to both of us!

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I got to about 2000/day and had trouble going lower, which I needed to in order to continue losing weight.

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I’m just eating less and healthier.

It’s the only thing that’s worked for me long term.

I was very overweight once and I lost all of it with that plan.

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Good plan, a lot of things are hard to stick to long term…

Technically right now I’m considered obese🙃 which is great…

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I love salted watermelon!
Recently doing this.
Tastes so good! :watermelon:

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It is quite da bomb lol

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I’ve given up on my weight loss journey. I just dont have the will power to eat a healthy diet. I’'ve accepted that im going to die an early death. I’ll probably die in my 50’s.

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Me too, homegirl.

I’m about 40lbs from my goal weight,

And I’ll still be considered overweight.

According to the dumbass charts.

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It’s okay… I don’t really exercise… so I’m sure I won’t live crazy long either

You shouldn’t give up tho either way

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I’m on a diet today too. I hope you lose some weight.

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